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Safety Glasses

PPE is a must in a number of professions, vital for ensuring you are safe and protected all throughout the working day. From welders and carpenters to construction workers, eye and face protection is among some of your most essential equipment. If you’re looking to protect your eyes and want a lighter, easier-to-wear option than full safety goggles, look no further than the collection of lightweight safety glasses at MI Supplies. With scratch resistance and anti-mist technologies, these safety glasses are the perfect option to keep you protected while maintaining full visibility.

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  • Eg1St Billings Glasses 12-Pack
  • Egb2Dt Carbondale Glasses Sale Item
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  • Egb4Dtp Carthage Glasses 12-Pack
  • EGB5DT Thunder Bay Glasses Sale Item
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  • EGB7DT Rockwood Glasses Sale Item
  • CAT Spectacle Track Rimless
  • CAT Spectacle Track Rimless
  • CAT Spectacle Track Rimless
  • CAT Spectacle Dozer
  • CAT Spectacle Digger Clear
  • CAT Spectacle Digger Yellow
  • CAT Spectacle Tread
  • CAT Spectacle Tread
  • CAT Spectacle Tread
  • CAT Shield Safety frame
  • CAT Shield Safety frame
  • Lite Safety Spectacle
  • Fossa Safety Spectacle EN166
  • Contour Safety Spectacles
  • Spectacle Cord (PK 100)
  • Spectacle Bag (PK 100)
  • Levo Safety Spectacle EN166
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From engineers, electricians or construction workers through to forestry and gardening work, eye protection is a must across a whole host of industries. Across the current eye and face protection range at MI Supplies you can explore a selection of practical safety spectacles.

Safety glasses are a great choice for those looking for eye protection, yet not needing full safety goggles. Safety glasses are a light, functional option that came be taken on and off as needed. Choose from a range of styles to suit your needs, from tinted UV options for outdoor work through to handy 10 packs for employees looking to provides workers with the necessary PPE.