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Safety Goggles

Safety glasses are essential equipment for people in many workplaces including garages, factories and building sites. Our range of quality safety goggles includes top features such as anti-mist and scratch resistance, helping to prevent painful eye injuries around hazardous chemicals and materials while maintaining excellent visibility throughout your shift. Choose from quick and easy safety glasses for smaller jobs, or guarantee safety on larger projects with a full face shield. To keep fully safe no matter your occupation, explore the full PPE workwear range at MI Supplies.

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  • Fossa Safety Spectacle EN166
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  • Tread Protective Eyewear
  • Tread Protective Eyewear
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  • Shield Safety Frame Glasses
  • Lite Safety Spectacle
  • Contour Safety Spectacles

Our safety glasses and safety goggles range

When you work with hazardous chemicals or there’s a risk of small pieces of glass or wood flying into the air, you need strong and secure eye protectors to prevent painful injuries.

Our selection of eye protection comes in a range of styles to suit where you work. If you want something that stays securely on your head for long periods of time, you might want to go for safety goggles with adjustable head straps. For face protection with a looser fit, try a pair of safety glasses. These look more like standard spectacles and come with features like curved lenses, nylon frames and movable side arms.

We also offer eye protection with tinted frames and UV protection to block your eyes from harmful sunlight exposure if you work outdoors. All our eye protection products give you a comfortable and lightweight fit with a well-designed soft nose bridge to minimise irritation.

Click on each pair of safety glasses or goggles for details, or check out our hand, hearing and headwear protection ranges for more safety options.