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Work Hats

Helmets and hard hats are vital pieces of equipment used by thousands of workers across the UK. Many manual jobs come with at least a small risk of head injury, and our range of safety headwear and work hats offers you a simple and effective way to stay protected from unexpected falls and debris. Opt for a heavy duty protective hat to keep the head protected during manual labour, or explore practical work hats including mob caps to ensure hygiene standards are met at all times. With options from the likes of Portwest workwear, at MI Supplies you can explore quality PPE gear that you can trust.

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  • Peak View Ratchet Vent Helmet No Brexit Delays
    $18.04 (Vat Free)
  • Endurance Safety Helmet EN397 No Brexit Delays
    $6.93 (Vat Free)
  • Endurance ABS Plus Helmet Flame Retardant
    $9.25 (Vat Free)
  • Climbing PP Helmet EN397 No Brexit Delays
    $8.32 (Vat Free)
  • PP Mob Cap (Pk 3000pcs)
    $141.20 (Vat Free)
  • 5 LED Helmet Light No Brexit Delays
    $6.93 (Vat Free)
  • Helmet Sweatband (PK 10)
    $11.57 (Vat Free)
  • Helmet Winter Liner No Brexit Delays
    $11.57 (Vat Free)
  • Chin Strap (Pk10)
    $8.10 (Vat Free)
  • PPE Protection Kit
    $21.99 (Vat Free)
  • PPE Clear Browguard Kit No Brexit Delays
    $11.57 (Vat Free)
  • PPE Mesh Browguard Kit No Brexit Delays
    $11.57 (Vat Free)
  • PPE Browguard Plus
    $13.88 (Vat Free)
  • Forestry Combi Kit No Brexit Delays
    $31.24 (Vat Free)
  • Venitex DIAMOND Hi-Vis Baseball Safety Helmet
    $15.26 (Vat Free)
  • Venitex ZIRCON Zircon Hard Hat
    $8.32 (Vat Free)
  • Arrow Safety Helmet No Brexit Delays
    $6.93 (Vat Free)
  • Peak View Helmet No Brexit Delays
    $15.26 (Vat Free)
  • Peak View Plus Helmet No Brexit Delays
    From $13.88 (Vat Free)
  • Peak View Ratchet Hard Hat No Brexit Delays
    $17.35 (Vat Free)
  • Bump Cap No Brexit Delays
    $9.71 (Vat Free)
  • Height Endurance Helmet No Brexit Delays
    $18.04 (Vat Free)
  • Headlight Helmet Clips (Pk100) No Brexit Delays
    $91.43 (Vat Free)
  • Helmet Holder No Brexit Delays
    $13.88 (Vat Free)
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If you work in or run a building site, forestry site, construction zone, warehouse, or anywhere else that involves working with heavy objects and powerful tools, it’s important that you have the right safety headwear.

At MI Supplies, we offer only the best quality helmets made from premium materials for maximum protection and durability. To help you get the perfect fit and features, our helmets and hard hats come in a variety of styles to suit individual industries. Try a vented helmet that feels lightweight and strong for complete protection without trading off on comfort. Or, go for almost complete head protection with a hard hat and visor design that’s ideal for people who work near sparks, splinters and chemicals.

Our helmets come with key features to maximise your security and comfort, including chin straps and adjustable headbands. For added warmth and an extra barrier, get a helmet liner which fits snugly under your hard hat and is perfect for workers who spend their shifts outside or in particularly cold temperatures.

Click on each helmet for details, or check out our first aid, hand protection and eye protection ranges for more safety options.